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Easton Mountain Products Company Profile:

Located in Salt Lake City Utah since 1979

In 1922, Doug Easton founded the Easton company making wood arrows and bows. Over time he brought innovation to the archery industry by revolutionizing arrow manufacturing using lightweight, precision aluminum. Target-archery athletes saw their scores skyrocket and an 88-year tradition of improving athletic performance through technological innovation was born. This ethic has been passed down from Doug through his son Jim Easton to the current company president, Greg Easton.

The drive to develop quality products that improve the outdoor and sports experience has lead Easton to branch out into other sports including baseball, hockey, cycling, and performance mountain products. Easton's focus in these markets has spawned game-changing innovations that encourage athletes to go farther in their sport.

2006, the Team Sports division of Easton Sports, Inc. was sold to Fenway Partners. The company was merged with Riddell, Giro and Bell companies and named Easton-Bell Sports, Inc. (EBS). The archery and mountain products divisions continue to be wholly owned by the Easton family. The majority of manufacturing and assembly for these two divisions continues at the Salt Lake City, Utah facility.

For nearly 30 years, Easton has been a part of the mountain products industry as an OEM supplier of carbon fiber and aluminum tent poles and snowshoe frames for the most renowned brands in the outdoor market. Easton's proprietary precision-manufacturing techniques have allowed the development of lightweight, high-strength aluminum pole systems and has given birth to today's lightweight tents. These same processes, used in aerospace alloy snowshoes, eliminate tensile loss normally found in most frames and provide full strength yields after shaping.

The 2008 introduction of Easton-branded product lines came from a desire to make better finished-products and not just better components. Easton-branded products provide the opportunity to introduce proprietary advancements quickly into the marketplace and allow avid users the opportunity to adopt and utilize these new innovations. Easton product lines include Trekking Poles, Snowshoes and Lightweight Tents.