Easton materials and technologies
will change what you know about tent poles.

Why carbon-fiber poles?
Easton carbon poles have a much higher strength-to-weight ratio than even the finest aluminum poles. Years of composite engineering expertise makes Easton carbon the strongest, lightest weight tent support systems in the world.

Are carbon-fiber poles delicate?
No, not the way Easton makes them. Our carbon poles have been tested since 2005 in extreme conditions including Everest, K2 and other peaks. With reasonable care, Easton carbon poles will outlast aluminum poles.

Advanced Carbon Tent Pole Technology
Easton is the leader in tent pole advancements. Our research and development team has pioneered carbon-fiber tent pole systems. Lighter and stronger than other materials, carbon composites represent the cutting edge in tent advancements.

USA -built carbon frames with revolutionary AirLock™ connectors replace heavier shock corded systems. These advancements take our lightweight backpacking tents to a new level of performance to help you GO Farther™.

Specialized tent poles for specific applications.

Easton's original carbon pole system. The engineered wrapped carbon construction, makes Carbon FX™ 25% lighter than standard aluminum tent poles.

Easton's proprietary carbon construction delivers the very best in lightweight durability. EVO™, with AirLock™ connectors, is 40% lighter than standard aluminum poles.

Easton's most refined and perfected carbon frame system, ION™ utilizes a small diameter and is the lightest tent pole ever developed. Designed to maintain stability in ultra-light shelters, ION with AirLock™ connectors is 56% lighter than standard aluminum poles.